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Client Testimonials

I got to know about biogas through Flexi sales representatives. I preferred to install the masonry type though since this is a cold region and Flexi would not do so well in terms of gas production. I spent Ksh 60,000 to install 10m3 in May of 2016. I only feed it 3 times in a week and I have not come across any technical challenges. Even if I had any, I would turn to my reliable mason who installed it

Alfred Karanja

Limuru sub-county - Kiambu County

We used to grow the same crops even before acquiring a bio-digester. By comparison, I can say without a shadow of doubt that their yields have improved given that the soil fertility that has also been improved by bio-slurry. The thickness of crops like maize is totally different from what we were used to and their colour is deep green. Plants take longer to wilt in dry conditions compared to those grown without bio-slurry. This is evidence enough that soil with bio-slurry retains more moisture than that without.

Mirriam Wachuka

Bahati constituency - Nakuru County

My coffee bushes have never looked better ever since I ventured into coffee farming. I anticipate a bumper harvest this season as the population of immature berries is quite high.Notably, bio-slurry also repels flying and jumping insects that further reduces on the cost of pesticides. I also mix the fresh slurry with chicken feed and feed my chicken on the mixture.

Philip Mutahi Ngunjiri

Mukurweini Subcounty - Nyeri County

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